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enterprise resorce planning

  • overview
  • erp evalution- software selection
  • erp implementations & rollouts
  • erp post implementation support
  • erp upgrade & migration
  • erp implementations audit & health checks

MaxIT handles almost all top class, "Best of Breed" ERPs available today from the leading ERP Vendors, actively partnering with them, leveraging the relationship to its client's benefit. MaxIT handles ERP Evaluation, Implementation, Optimization, Post Go-Live support, Upgrade and Migration needs globally.

Any ERP Implementation needs maximum care during all stages of ERP Implementation namely process mapping, scoping, planning, business process reengineering, designing, modeling, implementation, change management, training and support.

All organizations are aware now, that implementing an ERP package is a complex and high cost proposition that places tremendous demands on corporate time and resources.

A Tier I ERP which works for one organization may not work out for another, even though both of them are in the same Industry. Further many ERP projects are known to go over projected Timelines resulting in budget overruns and most alarmingly failed Return on Investments.

To ensure successful Implementation,so as toget maximum Return on Investment (ROI) within the planned Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), every organization that is going for ERP must.

  1. Choose the right ERP Product
  2. Have the right Implementation Methodology
  3. Good Business Process Reengineering where ever necessary
  4. Effective Change Management Methodology
  5. Excellent ERP Project Management
  6. Appropriate ERP Audit Procedures for refinement

True to its commitment to Maximize Customer Value, MaxIT offers all these specialized services to its customers,

erp evalution- software selection

Irrespective of the organization's size, the ultimate aim of ERP System Selection Process is to source a system that can provide functionality for all of the business processes that will get complete user acceptance, management approval and, most importantly, can provide significant return on investment for the shareholders.

MaxIT Global Solutions helps you find the right ERP Productwhich comes with Industry Best Practices, incorporated into the product, that best fits your organization's operational needs, budget, time-frame and infrastructure,

MaxIT underwrites successful ERP Software Selection

erp implementations & rollouts

Whether implementing or rolling out any Tier I ERP system like SAP or Oracle's E Business Suite or Oracle's JD Edwards or Microsoft Dynamics, our team of ERP experts ensure that organizations get the most return possible from their new ERP Assets.

Whatever stage of an ERP implementation our clients may be in, MaxIT Global Solutionscan guide the client's implementation team to success.

We help organizations plan and manage their ERP implementation projects to realize increased benefits and eradicate project disruption and minimize project delays associated with the deployment of any enterprise software.Our service offerings include

  1. Total ERP Project Management and Support
  2. Business Process Re-engineering
  3. Organizational Change Management
  4. Post Implementation Support and Refinement

MaxIT is proud to say that it underwrites a successful ERP Implementation for its clients.

erp post implementation support

Most organizations feel the need for support, immediately after implementation is completed and the implementing agency withdraws it's consultants. All our support solutions are tailored to the requirements of our client. Support is offered at all levels from hardware (including operations) right through to the application layer.

ERP Application configuration requires people with a high degree of product knowledge, as well as domain/functional knowledge.We aim to provide you with such quality consultants who will enable you to maximize your investment.

MaxIT offers on-site, off shore and near shore support models that can best suit your needs.

erp upgrade & migration

We help our customers to upgrade to the latest vesion available in the ERP Product they are running to leverage the power of new versions and releases while retaining the functionality of existing ones. We effectively use of reusable components and in-house tools, methodologies and templates to achieve effort efficiency and de-risked upgrades. We help customers in following:

  1. Pre-Upgrade Assessment
  2. Preparing Upgrade Strategy
  3. Business Process Analysis
  4. Finalizing scope for upgrade
  5. Effective User training in Net Change
  6. Upgradation

We also help our clients to migrate from one ERP to another preferred ERP

erp implementations audit & health checks

Implementation Audit & Health check is an important activity for any ERP implementation. Most implementations fail because of lack of early warnings and implementation continues in a wrong direction before it becomes too late to take corrective action.

For successful ERP implementation, it is a must that at every stage or milestone, the organization should take two steps back and look at the direction they are going. Audit check by experts in the field could be a turning point to success.

Before any 'Go-Live' and at least once in a year, it is highly recommended to go for a thorough audit of the system to ensure your application is running with optimized configuration.

At MaxIT we emphasize on independent audit and by experts in the field and advise our clients about the pitfalls, if any in the current system and recommend corrective measures to ensure desired ERP objectives are continuously materialized.

ERP Vendors
  1. Microsoft Dynamics
  2. Oracle JD Enterpriseone
  3. SAP
Microsoft Dynamics

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP suite includes Microsoft Dynamics AX, an accounting and finance, HR and CRM tool; Microsoft Dynamics GP, a mid-market accounting suite; and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics SL, both SME ERP platform.

Oracle JDEdwards

A modular ERP platform, the Oracle e-Business Suite has many elements including Oracle CRM, Oracle Financials, Oracle Logistics, Oracle Order Management and Oracle Warehouse Management Systems. The software makes use of the Oracle database.


Aimed at MaxIT, SAP Business One contains over a dozen core modules, such as Financials, Sales Opportunities, Purchasing Banking, Human Resources, E-commerce and WebCRM.


MaxIT supplies on-demand, integrated business management software suites aimed at mid-market enterprises and divisions of large companies. It offers hosted accounting, CRM, ERP, e-commerce and web site development software.

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