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Web Development

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Web Portal Development
  • Content Management System
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Opensource Customization
  • php framework
  • payment gateway
Custom Web Applications

There are wide variety of applications that can be termed as web applications. We categorize web applications as those using web technologies, like HTML, CSS and Javascript to deliver on-the-go access via wide range of devices.

Web applications typically help in providing access to a set of business processes through the browser based front end. An example of web application is a supplier portal accessible by the staff of a company as well as the suppliers to provide a synchronised frontend for the entire procurement process. Building applications on the web helps them to be highly flexible while reducing the maintenance costs.

We specialize in developing one-of-a-kind applications based on web technologies. We combine strong technological insight together with business acumen to give you the right inputs across the life cycle of your product development.

The use of web applications:

Web applications are everywhere in the web, in fact, they are the elements that make the web so active and capable to work. Starting from your browser to the dynamic webpages that attract your attention, all are web applications at the base. Starting from dynamic web contents to online payment systems, shopping baskets and digital catalogues of the ecommerce sites all are web applications in one or other form.

Web Portal Development

Web portals are about building and maintaining an active community of users around a concept. Portals try to be one stop solution for the topic in question. Building successful portals demands a very high level of energy and enthusiasm from the founders, and a passion for the topic. We have worked with several enterprising startups in giving shape to their ideas.

Portals often start small and grow along with their user base. While a portal has to be fully functional and easy to navigate, it is important to start small with all the core functionalities required to attract and maintain an audience. We help our customers in choosing the right functionalities to start the portal, and help them build a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be implemented and launched at a fraction of the cost of full portal. This helps our customers in optimizing and adapting the portal to the specific needs and wants of their user base.

This Portal development may include adding several features or components that are not normally found on a typical site. For example, you may need a discussion forum so that your visitors can share ideas or experiences. To get this forum working on your site requires installing third party software (component).

Reusing Existing Components vs Building from Scratch, the reuse of existing components or the modular approach to building a portal is faster and cost effective. We can create a custom portal from the ground up or we can integrate pieces that have already been developed. The reuse of existing components or the modular approach to building a portal is faster and cost effective. Using these components as the building blocks that form the framework of the site we then can add your content.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is basically an easy process, typically used in managing the content of each and every pages of a web site within just few clicks. Strategically used in facilitating the organization, publication and control of a large body of documents and other content, CMS as a typical web application process allows you to edit, create, manage and publish content to the website regardless of your naivety of the technical knowledge of HTML. The main objective of CMS web application process is to create an environment by which a Company can create and manage, distribute and publish, and even discover the shared corporate information. CMS enables website owners to efficiently manage information online, reduce costs, and drive revenue.

Features :
  1. Content distribution by non-technical users, reducing the need for technical staff
  2. Content archiving and versioning for back up
  3. Content access rights for control
  4. Content templates for consistent output
  5. Content workflow
  6. Content approval for structured workflow processes
Content Management System Benefits
  1. Edit the pages quickly.
  2. Routine website changes.
  3. CMS website is a database driven.
  4. Less time period.
  5. Search engine friendly pages created.
  6. Schedule content updates.

How often do you update the web contents? With our enterprise CMS, we help you keep yourself updated with the changes in the market needs. Our enterprise content management system provides you with a complete control over your website content. Our CMS team is ready to cater to your requirements, no matter how big your website is.

Ecommerce Solutions

E-commerce means Buying and Selling the products or services over the electronic systems like internet and other computer networks. We are doing Business in the information age, so we give the best e-commerce solution to those who are involved to develop their business in an e-commerce technology. E-commerce in India is wide famous and developing rapidly. It will increase the profit, sales, size of the market; reach the narrow market of the E- business.

We offer a full range of specialized B2B and B2C E-commerce solutions to organizations, companies and individuals for their online business needs. We offer a wide spectrum of services to suit every need such as Online Shopping, Payment Gateway integration, Shopping Cart Pay pal integration etc.

We can make the whole process of e-commerce less complicated by sitting down with you and planning the different stages. We would learn about your business model, and then apply what we have learnt through the years to your specific needs. We can also advise on the best payment gateway solution for your particular requirements.

E-commerce advantages and uses:
  1. No need to visit customer face to face
  2. Low operational cost
  3. Faster means of communication
  4. 24 hrs availability and easy to global access
  5. Customized products and services
  6. Secure payment transfer across the internet
Opensource Customization

Our Magento Customization Services not just make your site simple to manage but also ensures that your retail site is uniquely designed to meet the needs of client and to make it every shoppers dream. Give us your credence and we will be the backbone to your online business! Magento has an excellent structural design. Its sophisticated design enables development of extremely stable and reliable systems.If you are looking for a certain functionality for your website, it is most likely that Magento has it.


We ability to deliver web-solutions loaded with features that are sure pay-offs, is complemented by pliable features of joomla. Websites developed on this platform are not just cost-effective and interactive, they are also modular and scalable to progressively meet your growing demands. The ability to develop Content Management System which include features like RSS feeds, page caching, Blogs etc. gives a big fillip to your web site.


This free open source modular framework makes website maintenance pain-free. BlazeDream Team is geared to design, customize and maintain websites powered by Drupal. Our services also include Template and Theme development, Design integration and Custom modules development.


This open source publishing platforms renders blogging trouble-free. You can now focus on actual content and aesthetics without worrying about compliance to web standards and usability. BlazeDream can help you create swift, reliable and effective communication.


Opencart has a brilliant community ardently working on its improvement. If there is a defect detected, it is immediately addressed and reported to the maintainers. This makes the software more efficient and reliable. Time Saver Setting up an Opencart site is a cakewalk. The technology is quite straightforward and there is no necessity to have much of technical knowledge.


There is success in an eCommerce business only if the products sold are organized well and managed in a systematic way… This is what Zen cart provides the e-store owner. A little bit of twists and turns to PHP and HTML components you get a totally customized solution that fits your exact requirement.


PrestaShop is the winner of the 2010 and 2011 Best Open-source Business Application awards.PrestaShop is very fast and easy to install since it is lightweight. The size being approximately 6 MB… PrestaShop will be a pleasant experience even for customers with slow connection speed.

php framework

Framework is basic structure upon which you can build your program. It allows to connect with other API's and to pre determine the skeleton of your own application. Once you have the framework pre configured, it aids to keep things extremely easier.

Some of the popular frameworks are:
  1. Zend framework.
  2. CodeIgniter.
  3. Symfony.
  4. CakePHP

Need for developing PHP Framework is expanding for all types of PHP web development and related services. This popularity of php framework is owing to the flexibility in development added with cost saving advantage it gives as a open source platform.

We are offering comprehensive and innovative technology solutions in this growing, accelerated Information Technology industry. Engaged always in investing more time to update our technical strengths and international standards to keep us a step ahead among the competitors. and this made us well competent in serving our global clients with satisfaction.

payment gateway

A payment gateway provides peace of mind not only to the website owner but also to the customers as payments through such gateways are always secured. The process takes lesser time and it is not required to enter payment information again and again in case of recurring payment.

Once the customer chooses to pay every month to the website, the gateway records the billing information and deducts the money on the particular date every month. So, you don't require checking the details again and again and the customers get the convenience of payment. You will just receive an email every month when the card is billed.

You have to incorporate a shopping cart along with the payment gateway. Today, there are some shopping cart software available in the market that come with an integrated payment gateway. This makes purchasing merchandise easy and convenient.

We provide payment gateway integration to the websites from the following providers:
  1. PayPal
  2. Autorize.net
  3. CC Avenue
  4. EBS
  5. ATOM
  6. PAY U India
  7. payzippy

etc and you can trust our system which provides all the features of payment gateway.

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