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Web Marketing

  • search engine optimization
  • social media marketing
  • search engine marketing
  • Link building
  • email marketing
  • Pay Per Click
search engine optimization
Organic Search

Development and targeted promotion of remarkable content that fulfills your needs by achieving, improving and maintaining the visibility of your web presence.

On-Page SEO

Make your content easily accessible to search engines. Our team is ready to implement solutions to boost your rankings and improve your performance.

Keyword Research / Strategy

One of the most Important SEO elements is the target keywords. Let our team determine the best strategy for all your link building activities to increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic.

Activity Reports

We provide a detailed report of your website SEO performance evaluation, as well as data about your traffic, top referring keywords and a full explanation of your search engine activity.

Our SEO Strategy

Achieving search engine positioning, just does not gives better Page Rank, but it increases web traffic on your site. This traffic may be some times fruitful and may help you in achieving better goals and Increases leads, sales and profits from your website. Our Process or Strategy for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as follows:

  1. Website Analysis
  2. Site Optimization
  3. Keyword Research and Analysis
  4. Code Optimization
  5. Link Building
  6. Site Submission
  7. Report
  8. Site Maintenance
social media marketing

SMM- Social Media Marketing has become a world marketplace for each business. The recognition of this platform has grownup exponentially, decrease each different selling impact! Social media marketing has transformed into a real art. It needs experience, expertise and creative thinking to succeed in at right time and impact the shoppers. That is wherever social media agency helps you making your complete awareness in social media.

Our Company provides the Best Services at Low cost, Like Search Engine Optimization, Digital marketing, SMM, SMO, SEM, Pay Per Click Google Adsense, Google Adwords, On Page Optimization, Meta Tags Description Keywords, Creating Robots File, Sitemaps, Optimizing Seo Content, Image Tag Optimization, Canonical / 404 Implementation, Keyword Density Analysis, Anchor Text, URL Renaming / Re-writing, Google Webmaster Tools, Off Page Optimization Submission to search engines Local Marketing Directory, Submission Blog, Submission Article Submission Free Classifieds Forums, the website Black Hat / White Hat, Seo Blog Comments, Keyword Research, Finding Appropriate Keywords.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing are :
  1. Better brand awareness amongst target user group
  2. Broader target customer reach
  3. Increased visitor traffic footprint in the least time frame
  4. Effective, positive and lasting brand association
  5. Easy conversion and sales tracking
  6. Achieve increased page views, ad exposure through peer group views

Web Design,Web Application Development,Content Management System,Ecommerce Solutions,Flash Website Design,Flash Application Development,SEO,Mobile Website Development,Mobile Application Development,open source customization Its all about targeting the right kind of product to your clients. If you target right and well, SMO can open many opportunities for your business growth and also enable you to set up your online presence well.

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to market your products and services. Every business needs marketing in some way or other to sell its products and services. Traditionally business survived through various traditional marketing methods like T.V Advertisements, Newspaper Advertisements and Banner Advertisements. Today the growth and reach of internet is mind boggling and more and more people are using internet and they are comfortable with it.

We provide following Search Engine Services:

Generic SEM

Your target audience, in any part of the world, should be able to reach you. Our web promotion strategy includes registration with all the popular search engines for maximum impact. We invest time and effort in promoting your website so that your generic rankings remain high and give you positive leads.

In order to promote a website we follow certain ethical rules to ensure your website never goes into bad books of search engines.

Following steps portray how we promote your website and your business:

Keyword Analysis:

The keyword analysis and selection phase of our search engine positioning process identifies the proper keywords to target ensuring that the most qualified users will find the specific pages within your site that are relevant to their search query.

Competitive Analysis:

This phase of the search engine optimization process will yield the foundational data necessary to achieve the competitive advantages needed to outperform your competitors on the search engines and gain valuable market share.

content Enhancement:

As the title implies, content enhancement involves the modification of Website content. During this phase of the process, Aggrim Technology. will make recommendations to manipulate the current placement of existing content, add new content, or even remove existing content in certain circumstances.

Code Enhancement:

Even if your site has been programmed in pure, easy to read HTML, you may not be presenting the spider with the appropriate information. Title, H1, and meta tags are all important elements in effective code writing. Search engines rely on specific code to determine the content within a Web page. Database-driven Websites present yet another obstacle for search engine spiders. Without proper search engine optimization, much of your site may be unreadable to search engines. This can have a significant adverse impact on your sites ability to generate search engine traffic.

Link Enhancement:

Relevancy based search engines use linking to determine the relative credibility of one site versus another with respect to subject matter. You may have heard the terms "Link Popularity" and "Page Rank" through search engine optimization research. These terms refer to the existence of external links from sites that link to yours. These links can have a substantial impact on your ability to achieve and maintain prominent positioning for the keywords you covet.

Code Implementation:

Once the content, code, and link enhancement processes have been completed, the next step in the search engine optimization process is implementation. Aggrim Technology. offers varying levels of implementation to address the individual needs of our clients.

Web Page and Directory Submission:

Directory submission requires both effective copy writing and a comprehensive understanding of the search engines. Aggrim Technology . ensures that your directory submissions are in compliance with the directory's technical parameters and ensures that the client's listings are as keyword rich and relevant as possible. Proper directory submission is critical for search engine success.

Link building

A Link Building campaign refers to all the activities performed to get 'vote of approval' from other sites in the web. This vote of approval is reflected by the presence of incoming links to a site. Its a thumb rule of Search Engine ranking process that – more the number of incoming links, the higher the popularity of a website – which in turn means a better visibility and ranking.

Link building service is the best search engine optimization tactic and promote the eminence of your business over internet Getting quality backlinks also termed as inbound links is a facet of search engine optimization which can become one of the determinants of the end result of the promotional campaign. In essence More backlinks gives more popularity and hence relevancy in the eyes of search engines as crawlers navigate with links as the key node.

What we offer..

Search engine ranking process has evolved a whole since its initial days and above all, the process keeps changing because of the changing Search Engine atmosphere. A successful 'Link Building Campaign' is achieved by both the quality & quantity of inbound links. But, is this all to link building? No, we take care of all other aspects which make a difference to the page standings..

We analyze all the relevant and like minded sites which can be a potential link partner with your site.

Not every page is worthy of providing you the vote of approval – We identify the most relevant and contextual page which can provide you with a valuable link reference

  1. The most obvious benefits of a Link Building Strategy are..
  2. The search engine rankings for all your major pages and keywords get a big boost by the effective execution of a Link Building campaign
  3. As your rankings go up, Search engine traffic goes up. In addition to that traffic from the referring sites also see big upward movement
email marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing tool that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or corporate messages. It is a reliable & lucrative method for generating leads and plays an important role in most of the marketing campaigns due to its relatively cheap cost and potential to reach millions of customers. Email marketing provides great opportunity for clients to reach out millions of people in a matter of second.

Our newsletter and email marketing campaign services have provided the finest, easiest and affordable method of handling online and offline publications and delivering newsletters & mailings of any type whether promotional, personal or seasonal. Our expertise has designed a system that eliminates the hassles associated with the newsletter campaigns, email publications and delivering strategy. The email marketing from RagaDesigners is an easy, affordable, scalable, reliable and friendly multimedia rich quick professional marketing campaigns.

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Our team will develop the best strategy to attract the defined target audiences and establish their information needs.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Our team is ready to design, build and supply an email template for communication with your audience as well manage your email marketing campaign to lead to dramatic shifts in your sales and profitability.

Email Template Design

Our innovative designs and solutions are compliant and improve email deliverability. Our professional designers bring your message to life and increase your target audience engagement with your brand.

Tracking & Reporting

Receive granular reporting on the key aspects of your campaign such as who clicked through your email to your site, where they clicked and who converted.

Pay Per Click

Our campaign strategies are designed to meet the needs of our clients and their market condition. We provide up-to-date, Pay Per Click services that include: Paid Search Ads, Video Advertising, Display Ads, PPC Remarketing and Social Advertising.

PPC is a more focused online advertising tool to promote direct-response of business. PPC aims to obtain quality traffic and convert visitors to potential customers. By delivering high quality traffic, PPC gets you higher conversion rate. Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft Ad center are the most popular Pay Per Click engines.

Why Use Pay-Per-Click?

Sometime you cannot afford to—or simply do not want to—wait. Pay-per-click search engines allow you to be listed at the top of search results quickly, which allows you to:

  1. Quickly gather feedback on market conditions.
  2. Split test a live audience and gather ad test results in real time.
  3. Prototype ideas to track demand before you invest into a new business model or are stuck footing the bill for a new site.

As an example of the power of PPC, you can use Google AdWords to offer a free white paper about a topic from a one-page website. If nobody is interested in downloading your white paper, or you cannot seem to get enough click-throughs, then that could indicate one or several things: You are not bidding high enough to get exposure.

  1. You are not bidding high enough to get exposure.
  2. The market is not yet ready for your product.
  3. You are marketing it from the wrong angle.
  4. Your landing page is not making a compelling offer.
  5. You are marketing it to the wrong people.
Advantages of an effective PPC
  1. Gain an increased website traffic and corresponding increase in sales
  2. Connect with more customers than ever before with high conversions
  3. Spend less in terms of online marketing expenses
  4. Conveniently manage keywords and fine-tuning the bid with regular updates, adjustments and scheduling.
  5. Effortlessly track the process and administrate with ease
  6. Effectively increase the return on investments

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